This is a blog about Latin American news, with an emphasis on “green” issues. These extend from stories about climate change and the environment, to social issues such as inequality and human rights; all together, it could be said that most articles are in some way related to the theme of ‘sustainable development’. There are also the odd translation of a Spanish-language article or editorial on these sorts of issues, so as to make them accessible to an English-speaking audience. While of course the content of this blog would mainly be aimed at students or specialists of Latin American issues, or anyone with an interest in the region, I also try my best to make articles accessible to those who may not have much knowledge about Latin America or the topics being discussed.

I’m a graduate from the Institute of the Americas at University College London (UCL), where I completed an MSc in Globalisation and Latin American Development, achieving a Merit grade overall. Before that I studied for a BA in Hispanic Studies at the University of Exeter, achieving a Distinction. I now work for Ethical Corporation, a business intelligence company in London, researching and producing reports on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). All articles published on this site (and all links shared over social media) are unrelated to my work with Ethical Corporation, and are done in my own time (which is why they are no longer all that frequent!)

You can also follow the blog on twitter, @eola_blog, and on Facebook (Eye On Latin America). Here, I will post updates whenever I upload a new article to this blog, as well as frequent links to articles on similar issues from around the web.

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