The Daily News and the Yale Daily News

The New York Daily News is a tabloid newspaper with local, national and international coverage. It features in-depth coverage of politics, crime and celebrity gossip. It also has a strong section dedicated to the city’s sports teams, particularly the Yankees and Mets. In addition to its main sections, the newspaper also offers comics and classified ads. Its editorials are often strongly partisan, but it does have a good record of factual reporting.

The Daily News has been a prominent presence in the city’s media landscape since 1919. It is renowned for its investigative work and has been at the forefront of breaking major stories, including the September 11 attacks and the Watergate scandal. It has won several Pulitzer Prizes, and its reporters have been named among the nation’s best. The newspaper is a subsidiary of Digital First Media, which publishes 190 newspapers nationwide. It is owned by the New York-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital LLC, which has been criticized for its cuts to newspaper staffs. Advertising and subscription fees generate the majority of the company’s revenue.

Each Daily News article includes comprehension and critical thinking questions, found under “Background” and “Resources,” to help students understand the news story. Additionally, the site provides a video clip and links for additional information. These resources can help students develop a deeper understanding of the topic and make connections to other topics they may be learning about in school.

1440 shares the news that matters, sourced with integrity and impartiality. They do not waste readers’ time with speculative stories or opinions based on cherry-picked quotes. 1440 believes that their audience is intelligent enough to connect the dots, and they aim to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

The Yale Daily News is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States and was founded on January 28, 1878. The newspaper serves the student body of Yale University, covering academic and cultural news of Yale, the surrounding area, and the world at large. The paper has a long history of working with the Yale community to celebrate its rich diversity. This is especially true of its annual special issues celebrating Black History Month, the graduation issue, and the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue. The News also publishes a Friday supplement known as WKND and several other annual publications that are distributed to the campus community. These include the First Year Issue, the Commencement Issue, and the Yale-Harvard Game day issue. The newspaper’s website and social media accounts provide daily updates on Yale news and events.

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