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The Daily News is a newspaper that was founded in New York City, and was one of the first to be printed in tabloid format. It reached its highest circulation in 1947, at 2.4 million copies a day. It is currently owned by Tronc, which also publishes the Los Angeles Times.

The paper is known for its fearless coverage and expert analysis. It is also a leader in multimedia reporting and a pioneer in incorporating the internet into its editorial content. In addition to the printed version of the paper, the company produces several television and radio programs, as well as a popular website, all with the aim of covering the news in an innovative way.

This page offers detailed coverage of economic issues including stock market trends, GDP growth and inflation. It also provides insights into government initiatives aimed at promoting economic growth such as Make in India and Digital India. The page also includes coverage of environmental issues such as climate change and conservation efforts.

The page also includes news on art and culture in India. It also includes news on important figures and events that are related to art and culture such as cultural festivals, exhibitions and awards. This page also covers news on the latest scientific breakthroughs and their impact on society. It also includes coverage of government initiatives aimed at fostering scientific research and innovation.

In addition to the main news, this page offers a variety of other features, including the Weekly Summary and Monthly Gist of PIB, Yojana and Kurukshetra. It is an excellent resource for IAS aspirants who want to keep up with current affairs.

This is an online newspaper archive of The Daily News, which was published in New York from 1919 to 2024. It contains 18,686,018 searchable pages and is free to use. The archives are maintained by the Yale University Library.

The archive is part of the Yale Daily News Historical Archive, which consists of more than 140 years of print editions of the newspaper. The archive is open to the public and is accessible from anywhere on the web. The Daily News Historical Archive is made possible by an anonymous gift from a Yale College alumnus.

The Daily News is a comprehensive source of information on political and social events in India and around the world. This collection of news articles and essays on various topics is an invaluable resource for students, scholars and researchers. These are the best sources of news on politics, education, economy, sports and health. The articles in this collection have been compiled by expert editors and are carefully curated to provide an overview of the most current events in India and worldwide. The articles on this website are accompanied by photos and detailed background notes. This site is updated daily with the most important news in English. It is a must-have for all those looking for the latest news from across India and around the world.

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