Yale Daily News

Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson as the Illustrated Daily News, the New York City tabloid newspaper is known for its intense city news coverage, celebrity gossip, classified ads, sports sections, comics and an opinion section. The Daily News was once one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world. At its height in the mid-20th century, it held a commanding lead over its more sensational rival, the New York Post. Today, it retains its New York-centric identity and is a daily newspaper with a focus on local politics and current events.

In addition to its newspaper editions, the Daily News also produces several television and radio programs. In 1948 it established WPIX (Channel 11 in New York City), whose call letters were taken from its nickname, “New York’s Picture Paper,” and is still housed in the original Daily News building. In addition, the News maintains a radio station, AM 1230 WNJR and an online news service called The Daily News Online.

A news article is a written report on recent events or occurrences that are of interest to a particular audience. In general, these articles are published on a regular basis (daily, weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, monthly, quarterly or annually). A newspaper may be general in scope and cover subjects such as politics, crime, business, science, and the weather. In addition, many newspapers contain editorial opinions or editorial cartoons.

While anyone can submit an opinion column for the Yale Daily News, preference is given to those with strong connections to the Yale community. Columns should make a clear, defensible argument using credible evidence and address topics that relate to Yale/New Haven. The Yale Daily News reserves the right to edit submitted columns for length and clarity.

The Daily News offers an archive of past issues dating back to its first publication in 1855. These archives are available to anyone with a subscription to the newspaper or who visits the library on a day-pass basis. The Daily News is also home to a number of award-winning writers and opinion formers, whose stories span national and local news, New York exclusives, and politics. No one covers the Yankees, Mets and Giants like the Daily News!

The News also has a rich collection of photographs and video. In addition, the News is home to one of the world’s most famous newsreel collections, which consists of more than one thousand short films covering important events from around the globe. These films were created in the early 1900s and are a unique part of American and European cinema history.

The ITN Video Archive is an unrivalled repository of iconic British cultural history. This extensive collection includes news footage from the UK and beyond, covering a range of genres including sport, entertainment, war, disasters, politics and royal events. The ITN Archive is updated daily with agenda-setting news footage. The archive also contains a wide selection of ITN’s renowned documentaries. These include the fall of the Berlin Wall, footage of Nelson Mandela in hiding, and unprecedented access to Royal engagements.

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