The Daily News Moves Downtown

Daily News

In the early 1990s, the Daily News had a tough time holding the city’s attention with one headline, but it continued to provide strong sports coverage and local news coverage. It had long been in a circulation war with rival newspaper the New York Post, but the paper survived and eventually became one of the nation’s best-selling newspapers. By the end of the decade, its circulation had topped 200,000. It was owned by New York News, Inc., which was subsequently sold to Alden Global Capital.

Founded in 1919

In 1919, the New School for Social Research was founded. Today, it is known as The New School, and its five colleges offer a range of courses in emerging social sciences, international affairs, the liberal arts, and history. Other courses at The New School include philosophy, business, design, and the performing arts.

In 1919, the world experienced a number of changes. Europe was torn apart by revolution, and North America suffered a wave of unrest. The Flu Pandemic continued with a third brutal wave in spring, and race riots erupted in seven U.S. cities in June. In addition, the government passed an act blacklisting communists, which sparked a series of riots and protests across the country. In the United States, the year also saw the adoption of constitutional amendments giving women the right to vote.

Moved downtown in 2011

The Daily News is moving downtown in 2011 after 15 years in West 33rd Street. In July, the paper will occupy two floors of the 25-story 4 New York Plaza, which is now occupied by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. The news organization is undergoing a long-awaited makeover. For years, the building was an unattractive mass of beige concrete and brown metal siding. The new management will focus more on the news site than the building itself, which will remain the home of the paper.

The daily paper features prominent photographs of people and places of interest, as well as sports and entertainment coverage. Readers will find intense city news coverage, celebrity gossip, classified ads and a comics section. The paper is also known for its opinion section.

Acquired by Tronc in 2017

Tronc is a news company with a history of buying newspapers and other media companies. Most recently, the company acquired the Daily News, a nearly 100-year-old tabloid that was once the voice of the working class in New York. In doing so, Tronc has taken on many of the newspaper’s operational liabilities and acquired its printing plant in Jersey City and a 25-acre property in Manhattan.

In addition to owning The Los Angeles Times, Tronc owns several other daily newspapers. The company is in talks to buy Wenner Media, the company that owns Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal. The company also owns the Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. The company is attempting to be more visible and relevant across all areas of media.

Sold to Alden Global Capital

The Daily News was sold to Alden Global Capital, a New York-based private equity company. The company has been buying newspapers across the country, gutting newsrooms and selling off assets. It’s part of a larger trend where the ownership of local newspapers is being consolidated and shrinking. In the last decade, thousands of jobs have been eliminated. Alden’s goal is to turn newspapers into moneymaking enterprises.

While Alden has a history of reducing costs and downsizing staff, it’s also been known to make hostile takeover attempts, such as with Gannett, a rival news organization. While Lee did not respond to a request for comment, Swibold acknowledged that the company has made cuts and is trying to stay in the black. Newspapers have suffered a significant decline in revenue and profits over the last few years, and many of those companies have been purchased by hedge funds.

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