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The Daily News is a daily newspaper in New York City. Founded in 1919, the paper is known for its brawny metro tabloid style and crime coverage, and as a model for the high-concept newspaper depicted in the 1994 film “The Paper.” The News has won Pulitzer Prizes in commentary and feature writing. It is also known for its local news and sports coverage, and its long-running feud with rival New York Post.

Most newspapers have four main departments devoted to the publishing of the newspaper itself-editorial, production/printing, circulation, and advertising (although they may have other non-newspaper-specific departments, as well). The overall manager or chief executive of a newspaper is generally referred to by the title of publisher, although some publications have different titles for this position. Other titles for the person who selects the content of a newspaper are editor-in-chief, managing editor, and chief editorial writer.

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing news and opinion. It is usually published several times a week or daily, and carries news items that have occurred since the last issue. The word newspaper derives from the Latin term noticia, meaning ‘news’, and the first newspaper was likely to be a small handwritten sheet printed in a town or village, announcing political or military events that had taken place, in exchange for one “gazetta”, a small coin.

Newspapers today, whether print or online, are financed by a mixture of subscription and newsstand sales revenues, and by paid advertising from other businesses and individuals. A combination of these sources can allow a newspaper to survive financially, but profitability and editorial independence are always a concern. Newspapers with high editorial independence, large readership, and quality journalism are viewed as newspapers of record.

In its heyday, the Daily News was a brawny metro tabloid that thrived on crime and corruption coverage. It was a model for The Daily Planet, the tabloid featured in the 1994 movie “The Paper”, and still remains a top contender in the circulation war with the New York Post.

At its peak, the Daily News had the highest weekday circulation of any newspaper in the United States and is now one of the nation’s largest newspapers, despite a circulation decline from its mid-20th century peaks. It still maintains a prestigious reputation, winning Pulitzer Prizes for commentary and feature writing and for its investigative reporting.

It is also renowned for its sports and celebrity sections. Its editorial stance is described as “flexibly centrist” with a “high-minded, if populist, legacy.” The News has a long history of supporting Republican candidates and policies, but its current editorial stance leans moderately left, putting it in the same general political area as the New York Times. The News is owned by Tribune Publishing. In recent months, it has been plagued with financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused it to cut staff and impose layoffs. The resulting uncertainty has prompted some employees to start campaigns seeking local benefactors to help keep the News in business.

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