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Providing the best in news for over two decades, Daily News has become one of South Africa’s most popular newspapers. It is designed to cater to the busy, time challenged reader who wants the latest news quickly and conveniently packaged for consumption.

The Big Picture

The Daily News provides readers with the latest news stories in a concise and easy-to-read format, delivered to their home or office. From world events to local and national breaking news, it offers coverage of the day’s most important stories.

Our award-winning team of reporters delivers the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date coverage of the news in your area. Get the latest on national and world news, sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment and more. We deliver live and archived content, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting you trust.

We’ve partnered with a number of top news agencies to bring you the most compelling stories available in your language. You’ll find articles from CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and other leading national outlets plus the most up-to-date international headlines.

In addition to the news, Daily News features a variety of multimedia offerings including video, graphics, photos and a rich audio experience. You can view and share the stories you love on your mobile device, tablet or desktop.

A Daily News subscription also includes access to exclusive news features, including our Today’s Headlines newsletter and live briefings from Times journalists covering the most relevant stories of the day. You’ll also receive our curated Daily News list, a weekly roundup of the most important and interesting stories in the newspaper.

Using our smart technology, we recommend the most popular articles based on your past reading habits, and you can also save your favorites for later viewing. We’ll even let you know when new content is published.

The Daily News’s most impressive feature is its ability to offer users an in-depth look at their favorite topics, including sports, politics and lifestyle. This is made possible through our unique platform that connects readers with their news feeds in an intelligent and enticing way.

Our apps are free to download, and you can subscribe for unlimited access to the best in reporting from 1700 journalists across 160 countries. From breaking news to opinion, sports to the arts, our app is the perfect way to stay informed on everything that matters.

Reuters Videos

A recent upgrade to the Daily News app is its integration of broadcast-quality video from Reuters. The company’s library of over 13,000 current and archival clips is packed with the latest breaking news, human interest subjects, sports and entertainment.

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