Eye on Latin America is back!

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After a long hiatus due to other career commitments, Eye on Latin America is back with regular updates and analysis on the most important news coming out of Latin America concerning its environment and sustainable development.

It remains, for the time being, a personal and non-commercial endeavour, and so I can’t promise to cover absolutely everything, but I will continue to go for a blend of regular news reports and some more in-depth feature articles from time to time. In particular, these will focus more on the issues of climate change (its impacts and efforts to mitigate them), sustainable development, and social issues (especially efforts to address inequality).

In line with my own personal and career interests, I will also look to explore Latin America’s progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the role that businesses (local as well as multinational) might play in contributing to sustainable development in the region – or indeed the ways in which they may be hampering such efforts.

I hope this new direction will be of interest to readers, and I’d welcome any feedback either through the comments section underneath articles, via twitter (@eye_on_latam), or by email (eyeonlatinamerica@yahoo.com).